Brian Crimmins

Managing Partner, ONE HUNDRED
CEO, Changing Our World

As CEO of Changing Our World, Brian is responsible for the overall management, success and growth of all aspects of the firm, including Nonprofit Services, Corporate, Research & Analysis and Digital. He also oversees the strategic positioning of Changing Our World and works with our parent company, Omnicom, to establish and cultivate strategic partnerships with sister agencies and other nonprofit service providers.

Brian ensures that Changing Our World lives up to its mission and its namesake—sparking change and creating meaningful global impacts through the power of the philanthropy. This requires an enormous feat of passionate leadership and advocacy, which involves growing the agency’s client base, guiding clients through periods of change, nurturing junior staff, and never losing sight of Changing Our World’s core mission.

Nonprofit organizations have unique needs, and few executives understand these needs as well as Brian. He has a long track record of helping nonprofits align internally, increase capacity and install innovative fundraising programs. Over the years he has helped transform mission-critical organizations across all sectors, including relief and development, healthcare, human services, education and faith-based.

Brian is also active beyond the walls of Changing Our World and speaks widely about current trends in philanthropy. In addition, he mentors students from Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business. He holds a BS from St. John’s University and an MBA in Marketing Management from St. John’s Tobin School of Business.

About Changing Our World

Changing Our World is the trusted philanthropy and fundraising consulting firm to the world’s leading nonprofit organizations, corporations, private foundations, and philanthropists. We provide expertise and individualized solutions, helping nonprofits create strong relationships with donors and enabling grant makers and corporations to invest their resources wisely.