Brian Williamson

Senior Strategist, Critical Mass

As a senior strategist with Critical Mass, Brian helps clients take advantage of the possibilities created by evolving technology to accomplish business goals and serve real human needs. He’s a believer in strategy that is grounded in first principles, supported by evidence, and communicated as well-informed common sense. His clients have included brands from the automotive, console gaming, consumer technology, spirits, pharmaceutical, and pet care industries.

Brian began his career in non-profit, working seven years as a communications director in higher education. Drawing on this experience, he co-founded Third Coast Analytics in 2010, which developed predictive software products for higher education admissions offices. TCA pioneered data mining and machine learning techniques in the category, helping client schools improve student outcomes and annually save hundreds of thousands of dollars each. TCA was sold to a leading education consultancy in 2015, where its products continue to set the industry standard.

Brian earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism and mass communications from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, in between volunteering for too many university organisations, including coordinating the student mentoring program for underrepresented students.

About Critical Mass

Critical Mass is a global digital experience design agency with a relentless focus on the customer. Founded in 1996, the agency has grown to 11 full-service offices operating across North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. Its unwavering belief in delivering brilliant customer experiences produces business-building results for clients including Citi, Nissan, Clorox, SAP, Marriott, and Visa. Critical Mass is a part of the DAS Group of Companies