Chris Freeland


Chris is an industry stalwart, having held leadership positions in the UK for the last 21 years. His experience and talent lie in setting high standards for operational excellence, as well as building a strong cultural ethos of doing the very best for clients—attitudes and skills he views as vital for cause and social purpose marketing, and which he is excited to bring to ONE HUNDRED.

Responsible for overseeing and running UK operations across data, media and creative, Chris remains committed to helping talent excel in a supportive, highly strategic and creative environment. ONE HUNDRED, like RAPP, is an organisation in which he is able to apply such strengths and experience in a natural way.

Chris likewise thrives on having the opportunity to work with some highly-respected corporations, non-profits, NGOs, charitable trusts, and other organisations that are willing to align around a share purpose and create a positive, sustainable impact across the globe.

About RAPP

RAPP ( is the world's leading customer experience agency. RAPP is driven by data, inspired by culture, and enabled by technology. The agency believes in creating real-time, brand-building, problem-solving, useful customer journeys across all channels that are measurable, trackable and accountable. RAPP continues to build on its heritage as a powerhouse in direct, relationship and loyalty marketing to deliver experiences that make brands, products and services richer. The multichannel network is comprised of more than 50 offices in 30 countries. RAPP is a part of The DAS Group of Companies, a division of Omnicom Group Inc.