Emma Ellis

Executive Director, Business Development, Interbrand

As Executive Director, Business Development at Interbrand, Emma generates connections between organisations with brand challenges and Interbrand’s global team of experts. She also advises clients on the delivery of branding programs, including the seamless running and development of key client accounts. By implementing the right systems, leveraging the right talent at the right time, and putting collaborative solutions forward, Emma ensures programmes run effectively and efficiently.

Emma is motivated by a vision for “what can be,” and sees business development as a means of making mutually beneficial partnerships that result in positive change. She also believes that the people who fit with Interbrand’s culture are uniformly eager to serve brands and groups that are motivated by urgent causes. The chance to identify opportunities that will both benefit Interbrand and unlock brand purpose is what inspires Emma from one day to the next. Accordingly, she has helped enlarge Interbrand’s engagement with the non and not-for-profit sectors both through business development and special initiatives—for example, setting up Interbrand Ignite, a not-for-profit start up shaping initiative. She was also involved with Unilever Heartbrand CSR definition, the visual development of “Malaria no More,” a rebrand and digital development of the Mo Ibrahim foundation, the Stand up for Cancer intiative, and more.

Prior to joining Interbrand, Emma was the client lead and Senior Planner at The Gild, where she managed and ran the strategic development of Sony Mobile, working across the communication touchpoints and events to ensure a comprehensive 360 brand experience. She is a graduate of the University of West of England with a BA (Hons) in Business, a Scouts volunteer, a long-standing UNICEF donor, and a lover of yoga, music, and film.

About Interbrand

Interbrand is the world’s leading brand consultancy, with a network of 29 offices in 22 countries. Since it opened for business in 1974, Interbrand has changed the way the world sees branding: from just another word for “logo” to a business’s most valuable asset. Publisher of the highly influential annual Best Global Brands report and Webby Award-winning brand channel, Interbrand believes that brands have the power to change the world—and helps its clients achieve this goal every day. Interbrand’s combination of strategy, creativity, and technology delivers fresh ideas and insights, deep brand intelligence, clear business opportunities, and compelling brand experiences. Interbrand has divisions specializing in healthcare (InterbrandHealth) and retail (Interbrand Design Forum in North America and HMKM in Europe and Asia). 

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