Jed Dorney

Managing Director, Changing Our World

With over 20 years of experience in marketing, communications and direct response, Jed brings a vast range of client-centric strategies to Changing Our World. Prior to joining ONE HUNDRED, Jed was the President of Doremus fp, a financial communication and marketing company, where he transformed the company through strategic initiatives in technology and sales development. Prior to that engagement, he spent 15 years running a sales division of a Direct Marketing firm, where he was instrumental in developing a Fundraising Division that handled a diverse roster of Non-Profit and Fundraising Clients (Environmental, Veterans, Catholic, Food Banks). He is very hands-on with the development and execution of the sales and marketing initiatives and gets down in the trenches alongside the sales teams he leads.

When he is not developing partnerships with clients, he integrates his fundraising skillset in his private life, overseeing all fundraising activities for sports programs in his Parish (well over 100 kids), and volunteering his time as a head coach. Jed lives in White Plains, NY with his wife Kathy and their three children—Sarah, Julia, and Jed—and their dog Mac.

About Changing Our World

Changing Our World is the trusted philanthropy and fundraising consulting firm to the world’s leading nonprofit organizations, corporations, private foundations, and philanthropists. We provide expertise and individualized solutions, helping nonprofits create strong relationships with donors and enabling grant makers and corporations to invest their resources wisely.